Water / water heat pump

Water / water heat pump

This water / water heat pump has been manufactured according to the highest design and construction standards in order to ensure a high quality and reliability. The system is designed to produce hot water at a constant flow temperature. The unit is equipped with a semi-hermetic screw compressors which have been specifically optimized for use in the heat pump. With a newly developed, high-performance asymmetrical profile, these two wave rotary machines achieve the highest efficiencies. They do not have oscillating components and thus have a low-vibration run. Four, horizontal adjustable air discharge fins provide constant air distribution. Additionally, it offers the possibility of fresh air supply as well as a second room supply (fan support required).

Technical data:
Refrigerant: R134a
Power rating at W10 ° C / W35 ° C
Heating capacity: 167.9 kW
Cooling capacity: 136.8 kW
COP: 5.4

Power rating at W10 ° C / W50 ° C
Heating capacity: 159.1 kW
Cooling capacity: 118.3 kW
COP: 3.9

Power rating at W10 ° C / W60 ° C
Heating capacity: 153.1 kW
Cooling capacity: 101.2 kW
COP: 2.95
Compressor type: semi-hermetic compact screw compressors
Power level: stepless



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