Heat Pumps
High Temperature Heat Pumps

High Temperature Heat Pumps

Economically and ecologically optimised systems are a major challenge as well as an opportunity for local and district heat networks operators.

Rising energy prices require innovative and efficient solutions in order to achieve economic success and environmental improvements.
Frigopol has developed an optimal solution by combining biomass heating systems and special high temperature heat pumps.

Product Features

The energy generated by implementing flue gas condensing units improves the efficiency of plants as well as the performance of the total system.
Frigopol manufactures tailor-made high temperature heat pumps for each plant size (up to several MW) to achieve the best possible energy efficiency.

System Example

  • Refrigerant R134a, R245fa and R236fa
  • Heat output* -1265 kW COP 4,5 (RL 55°C; VL 64°C) -1210 kW COP 4,0 -Nominal (RL 60°C/68°C)
  • Extraction rate nominal: 925 kW
  • Capacity range: 5-stage or 20-100% stepless



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