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Energy Station

The natural way of heating and cooling will become reality with our energy station ES Basis V2.0 operating on natural refrigerant propane (R290)!

The energy station ES Basis V2.0 works like a heat pump or refrigeration unit and is made for cooling, heating or producing sanitary water. Using primary resources such as soil, groundwater etc. maximum energy efficiency is generated. At the same time the natural refrigerant propane (R290) helps to protect the environment.

Product Features

The single circuit models 40-65 and the multi-circuit design type 80 provide an optimized functional range and high operational safety for complex applications. An innovative SPS control unit with data display controls the energy station on ideal operating conditions at the lowest energy consumption. All relevant data can be monitored and controlled via “remote module” upon request. The integration into a building management system (BMS) is possible using different interfaces.

Areas of Application

The modular concept of the energy station and the innovative and expandable controller technology provides the right solution for every application!

Performance Data

The energy station ES Basis V2.0 series covers a power range of 40 - 250 kW. Using capacity and frequency controlled compressors as well as electronic expansion valves, the unit reaches highest COP and EER values at load-dependent non-stop operation.



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